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RTB.e DC UPS 50-1000A 3ph


  • The product firmware, can be fully customized as for the customer request, adding easily any features required. Borri has the capability to made any modification internally, reducing at the minimum the time and cost required.

  • The product layout, allow to the final user the possibility of an easy and fast maintenance. All the components are well disposed inside the unit, and the panels can be installed against the walls.

  • The product can be easily added to any existing project, thanks to the experience and know how of Borri engineering team. The customer will be supported from our technical department, along the entire cycle of the project.

  • The product include an advanced user interface, and powerful tools for troubleshooting and monitoring. All the basic and advanced operations, will be done using simply the user interface of front panel.



  • SCR rectifier, overvoltage, undervoltage protection for reliable operation in all mains conditions.

  • Soft-Start for start-up overcurrent limitation.

  • Standard configuration for cost-effective, short lead time solutions.

  • Easy integration with external devices like Explosion Proof enclosure, Distribution Panels, Dropper Diodes, DC/DC Stabilizers.

  • Comprehensive set of communication ports, like RS232 / USB / RS485 available as standard, for total remote monitoring.

  • Support vented/sealed lead acid batteries and vented/gas recombination NiCd batteries.

  • Adjustable manual and automatic charging mode for maximum flexibility on operation.

  • High-Speed last generation microcontroller, for best-in-class performance and reliability.

  • High personalization grade of the internal layout and user interface.

  • Active parallel configuration via CANBUS connection.

RTB.e DC UPS 50-1000A 3ph
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