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Solar inverter 20-500 kW transformerless

High reliability
• Longer time between maintenance activities 
• Reduction of energy production losses due to inverter failure


High efficiency
• Some competitors declare only the maximum efficiency
• Copernico’s efficiency is measured in the real operating conditions with all the auxiliary circuit connected


Low current distortion
• Competitor’s average values are in the range 3–4%
• Lower current distortion leads to a general reduction of the energy losses in conductors and transformers


Wide MPPT range
• One of the widest (370Vdc) among inverter manufacturers
• The energy production of the PV array is maximised

High output voltage in TL series (300 Vac)
• Competitor’s average values 270–280 Vac y
• Higher voltage = Lower current
• Smaller AC cables and circuit breakers


Simplified installation
• Single mechanical structure up to 500 kW 
• Space saving thanks to: 
• Small foot-print for all the range 
• Reduced installation clearances


Wide range availability of accessories for PV plants
• Array Monitor (stings boxes)
• Green Power Guardian (monitoring System)
• PV sensors to measure environmental temperature, PV panel temperature, solar radiation

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